Best Gas And Electric Heaters For Your Home

5 Best Gas And Electric Heaters For Your Home

Think about the best gas and electric heaters for your home. Which one should you buy? If you’re not sure, don’t worry! This blog post will break down what’s best for you, whether it is a gas heater or electric heater or just both gas and electric heaters together.

Best Gas and Electric Heaters For Home

Gas and electric heaters are the best way to keep your home warm during the winter. With so many different types of gas and electric heaters on the market, it can be hard to know which one is best for you and your family. Thankfully, we have compiled the best gas and electric heaters for you to choose from!

Gas Heaters: These work by using a heating source (such as natural gas) that heats up the air in your home. They are best suited for dry climates with higher humidity levels of less than 35%.

Electric Heaters: These work by using electricity to heat up the air in your home. They are best suited for dry climates with higher humidity levels of less than 35%.

5 Best Gas And Electric Heaters

So, we did a research on the web and found these gas and electric heaters to be the best as per their ratings on forums and Amazon.

1. Progen Portable Gas Heater

Progen Portable Gas Heater

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The PROGEN CALOR range of portable gas heaters offers a variety of different heating solutions to suit your needs. Each model has been designed with the latest in energy efficiency technology and safety features to ensure you get the most out of your heater. The PROGEN New White Calor 4.2kw is a multi-directional, high performance burner which provides up to 4.2kW output power on 3 different settings: minimum= 1.63Kw, medium= 2.7KW and maximum= 4.2KW, the PROGEN New White Calor 4.2kw Portable Gas Heater can heat spaces of up to 60m² in size.

2. Isss Portable Gas Heater

Isss Portable Gas Heater

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The Isss portable gas heater is perfect for camping and emergencies, this compact, portable gas heater is powered by 227g camping gas (butane) cartridges. Featuring adjustable heat control, auto ignition, child safety guard and convenient carrying handle. Designed for indoor/outdoor use the heater will stay lit in cold and windy conditions and has a built-in heat exchanger for cold weather start-up.


3. Cozytek Electric Heater for Home

Cozytek Electric Heater for Home

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The Cozytek Electric Heater is the safe and energy efficient way to heat your bathroom. The heater has a child lock feature so you can be sure that it will not turn on by accident whilst in use. It also has a room temperature shut-off function which turns off the heater automatically if the room reaches the desired temperature.

With 2 heat settings, 200W & 400W, this electric heater is suitable for any bathroom. It has an IP24 splash proof rating (Check with your electrician if you have space to install in the correct zone).


4. FUTURA Electric Heater for Home

FUTURA Electric Heater for Home

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The Futura Electric Heater is a slimline, wall mounted electric heater that can be used to heat any room in your home. It has 3 heat settings and a timer function which allows you to set the temperature of your room to turn on and off at specific times. With an anti-frost mode, it can be used all year round. The Futura Electric Heater is available with white or black finish.


5. NETTA Wall Mounted Electric Heater

NETTA Wall Mounted Electric Heater

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NETTA’s slimline 2000W Glass Panel Electric Heater is a stylish, modern way to heat up large sized rooms. With the option of wall-mounting or free-standing, this heater provides you with a quick and simple installation process. This heater features an easy to use digital control panel which allows you to adjust your desired temperature quickly and easily. The NETTA 2000W Slimline Glass Panel Heater also includes a remote control for added convenience when it comes to adjusting your settings from across the room.


Pros and Cons of Gas And Electric Heaters

Gas heaters and electric heaters are two different types of heating systems. They both have pros and cons that you should be aware of before making a decision on which one to use in your home or business. If you want to find out more about these pros and cons, keep reading!

Gas Heaters Pros:

  1. Gas heaters are more efficient than electric or oil
  2. They work well in cold climates because they produce a steady stream of hot air
  3. They’re cheaper to run than other types of heating systems, and this is especially true if you have an energy-efficient model
  4. You don’t need to install any ducts with gas heaters – the hot air goes right into your living space
  5. If you live near a gas pipeline, it’s easy to hook up your home’s fuel supply
  6. No need for expensive installation like with central heating systems

Gas Heaters Cons:

  1. Gas heaters are expensive to install
  2. They produce a lot of emissions which can be harmful for your health and the environment
  3. You have to maintain them by changing filters, cleaning the vents, and checking the gas levels
  4. If you live in an area with cold winters, it’s not recommended because they’re inefficient when it gets too cold outside
  5. It takes time for a gas heater to turn on – so if this is your only source of heat, then you won’t be able to use it during power outages or storms
  6. When turned off at night or during nap times, there’s no way to control how warm or cool the room will get before someone turns it back on again

Electric Heaters Pros:

  1. Electric heaters are cheaper to run than gas or oil
  2. They provide a steady temperature – no more worries about turning the thermostat up and down
  3. They are very safe, with automatic shut-off features if tipped over or overheated
  4. The best electric heater is efficient in small spaces like bathrooms where a central heating system would be too big and expensive
  5. An electric heater can be used as an emergency backup for power outages during winter storms
  6. If you don’t have much space, an electric heater is perfect because it doesn’t take up any floor space like other types of heaters do

Electric Heaters Cons:

  1. Electric heaters are expensive to run
  2. They can be dangerous, especially if you have small children or pets in the home
  3. Many people find electric heaters uncomfortable because they don’t provide as much warmth as a radiant heater does
  4. If your power goes out, your entire house will go cold and it may take some time for an electric heater to start warming up again
  5. Heaters with fans that blow the air around are not ideal for homes with many rooms because they can create drafts and make the temperature feel colder than it actually is
  6. The last drawback of using an electric heater is that there’s no way to turn down the heat – it’s either on or off


Gas And Electric Heaters: Which is right for you?

Which is best for you? Gas or electric? When it comes to heating your home, there are many factors that should be taken into consideration. The best types of heaters for your home depend largely on the availability and type of fuel you have access to.

Gas heaters are best if you live in an area where natural gas is available, as they’re able to work with lower temperatures than electric heaters can. If there’s a power outage, it may take longer for a gas heater to start up again because electricity still needs to be restored before it will turn back on. Gas heaters offer more warmth than radiant electric ones do but not always enough if your house has many rooms or high ceilings. The drawback with this form of heating is that there’s no way to adjust the temperature – either it’s on or off

Electric heater’s pros include being able to control the temperature and setting a timer for it. On the downside, these types of heaters are best suited for areas where electricity is easily available and the gas heater may be best for homes that use natural gas.

You can also use both of gas and electric heaters together if you live in an area that is colder and drier, a gas heater may not be enough to keep your family warm. In these cases, a gas + electric heater combo is best. These can be used to heat up the air in your home for less than £0.02 per hour!


Final Words

Hope that the article was worth reading for you to get you one of these gas or electric heaters for your home. If you are a camper and have hope in solar energy then you might be interested to check Solar Water Heater UK and Best Portable Solar Generator for Camping.


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